Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Watching the Presentations

I really like using Google earth to teach a lesson. It seemed like it would be a fun way to teach children!

Lesson Ideas

There were so many new ideas that I saw from the presentation from the group.
The thing that learned was to use an interactive game from the internet.
I also like the idea to use videos from the internet.
These ideas create it so that the students are actively engaged in the lesson.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Internet Safety

1. The fourth article that I read was Setting Family Standards for Entertainment, by Carla Dalton, in the June 2001 Ensign.
2. Some of the most important things that I learned from the reading were that parents need to establish guidelines and be consistent in their example. Another thing that I learned from the article was to teach teenagers to obey the spirit. When we teach children the correct principles, we give them the foundation for making correct choices.
3. Because of the things that I have read, I am going to make sure that I pay careful attention to what my students and children are doing on the internet. I will also teach my children how to use the internet safely and what to avoid. I am also going to keep my computer in an open area, so that I can always keep an eye on my children.
4. I can use the things that I have learned from the reading to have a positive influence on my friends and family by teaching them about internet safety. I can also be a good example to my friends.

I talked with my 18 year old sister, who is a senior in high school. It was really weird to talk to her, because she is not that much younger than me. It was a little difficult because I would ask her what she knew about internet safety and she was like don't go on bad websites. If you don't do that then you don't have to worry. I then started to explain to her about chat room, online bulling and sexual predators. As I was telling her this, she was like duh, I know that. I think that the main thing that is important to remember is to be open with parents about what you are doing on the internet, don't be secretive about it. Also only go on the internet if you have a specific reason, because randomly surfing could get you into trouble. I think that growing up in the technology age has helped us to become more safe about what we do on the internet but it also lets us get the idea that we know it all and nothing bad can happen to us. I think that this is the stage that my sister is at and I hope that some of the things that we talked about will sink in and help her to be safe while on the internet, because I don't want anything to happen.

Technology Slideshow

Monday, March 30, 2009

Technology Lesson

So my shared reading lesson went so well! I was able to follow my lesson plan pretty well. The first thing that I did was read through the book, The book was very small so what I did was pull it up on the prometheam board and I displayed it so that the students could see the book. I did an example on the first page of highlighting the /oi/ words. I then asked the kids to point out the words so that those students that were struggling with the concept could have a review. I then asked the students to tell me which words had the /oi/ sound in them. I told them that they could come up and highlight the words. The students were SO excited to do that!! When the students had trouble with the words, the rest of the class was there to help them through.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Technology Lesson

A lesson that I could teach using technology would be a shared reading lesson, where I talk with the class about the sound /oi/ (oi, oy). This would be for my second grade class and would fit the standard Language standard 4, objective 1, indicator 4. This talks about how students will be able to identify diphthongs in words. This would be an excellent lesson to use technology with. What I could do is use the prometheam board and display the book on the screen for the entire class to see. After a quick read through I would pull up the story page by page. The first page I would do as an example to show the students where the /oi/ sound was in the word. I would then again use the prometheam board highlight the words. After the first page example I would allow the students to come up and highlight the words on the page, with the help of the class.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Classroom Technology Inventory

By doing the technology inventory I learned a lot of things. The main thing that I learned was that there is a lot of technology available in the classroom and the schools. But, teachers do not know how to use the technology or choose not to take use it. For example, in my classroom there is a promethean board, this board has many different functions and elements that could be used however my teacher does not know how to use the programs or to incorporate it into her lessons.

But when she does use technology in the class it really engages the students and really makes me want to use technology in my class. The students are learning but they are having fun and technology has so many different uses and makes things more interesting.