Monday, March 23, 2009

Technology Lesson

A lesson that I could teach using technology would be a shared reading lesson, where I talk with the class about the sound /oi/ (oi, oy). This would be for my second grade class and would fit the standard Language standard 4, objective 1, indicator 4. This talks about how students will be able to identify diphthongs in words. This would be an excellent lesson to use technology with. What I could do is use the prometheam board and display the book on the screen for the entire class to see. After a quick read through I would pull up the story page by page. The first page I would do as an example to show the students where the /oi/ sound was in the word. I would then again use the prometheam board highlight the words. After the first page example I would allow the students to come up and highlight the words on the page, with the help of the class.

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  1. That's so nice you have one of those boards! That would work really well for shared reading